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An Open Letter to all Apartment Dwellers

I first want to stress: SSNA is a neighborhood association, not a homeowners'
association. I’d say you probably think there’s nothing you could gain by

being a member or that you have nothing to contribute. That being said,

you are wrong! If you are wondering what makes me an expert:

I am one of you.


I moved into an apartment on 2nd Street nearly ten years ago. About that

same time, I was fortunate to run into a warm and caring antique store

owner who encouraged me to join SSNA.


Now I know every person’s situation is a little different. I moved here from a
small Indiana town and didn’t know a soul in the area. Needless to say, it

was intimidating. I can safely say that my SSNA membership made for a

much smoother transition and provided a needed sense of belonging.

I learned a great deal about my neighborhood, in a much shorter period of

time than I would have on my own. It provided me with peace of mind

knowing I had neighbors I could trust in the event of an emergency. And

last, but far from least, I have made friends with some of the most wonderful

people living in Old Louisville.


Besides our monthly meeting/potluck dinner, SSNA offers a nice balance

of work and play. We have some wonderful parties and neighborhood

gatherings, but we also do our fair share of work throughout Old Louisville.

We have many dedicated members, but are always appreciative of new

members who can provide additional help and fresh ideas.


If you aren’t brand new to the neighborhood and are already settled in,

it’s still not too late to get involved. Who doesn’t want to live in an area

that is as safe and clean as possible? Who doesn’t want a neighborhood

that you can be proud of? Knowing that you have contributed to these

goals can be quite rewarding. I hope I have at least made you think about

the possibility of becoming a member.  I’d like to make one last bet –

joining SSNA would be a win-win situation for both of us!  


Stan Duffy


SSNA Meetings of General Membership at the Kling Center

219 W Ormsby Ave.

2023 meetings resume on a regular basis starting January 29 beginning at 5 p.m. A potluck dinner follows the meeting, held at a member home each month. Contact Zane @ 502-548-3824 for details.

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